ARGENTOV, Schmuckhaus

ArgentoV is a personalized brand whose products adorn the collections of jewelry connoisseurs all over the world. The concept of the house is the desire to present the beauty of natural gems in jewelry with the highest expressiveness, finding a perfect frame for them in the Russian style. Since its founding in 1996, the ArgentoV jewelry house has not only developed collections of various styles, but also created a unique collection fit for a museum. Today the company employs several dozen artists and jewelers, led and inspired by the founder of the brand, Yaroslav Argentov. These specialists are united by high professionalism and reverent attitude to their work. Using modern equipment, they preserve and improve the ancient techniques of jewelry making. The collection is unique with the use of cameos on semi-precious stones and gemstones. This is yet another direction in the development of Russian stone-cutting art, so beloved by Empress Catherine the Great. The calling card of the ArgentoV house is jewelry with intaglios. Intaglio is an almost lost art of glyptic (stone carving). Today, this art is owned by no more than 100 masters around the world. One of them, Vladimir Popovich, is an interior designer of the ArgentoV jewelry house.