• We present a special project by Irina Zhuiko (Popovich): Minerals in stained-glass windows for the exhibition “Unique Russia”
    Russia is rich in its natural resources, minerals, its pristine beauty, the breadth of the soul of Russian people. Unique Russia unites many cultures and peoples. Russia is the cradle of talented artists, poets, musicians, scientists and many other industries. Within the framework of the exhibition Unique Russia, we present to your attention a special … Read more
  • Tour of the Art-Industrial Exhibition-Forum “Unique Russia”
    Tour of the Art-Industrial Exhibition-Forum “Unique Russia” and Round Table “Temple Builders and Beautifiers of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ – the Main Temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”. On February 13, 2021, Moscow teachers (the public association “Altar of the Fatherland” and the Association of Teachers of Orthodox Culture) … Read more
  • The Russian Arts Award
    My colleagues, The Russian Arts Award was held on the 27th of March at the Moscow House of Artists on Kuznetsky Most. This sign of recognition in the field of Russian art within the framework of the international project “Russian Art Prize” was created and organized at the initiative of the Eurasian Art Union and … Read more
  • In memory of Georgi Vvedenski
    15 января 2021 года не стало Георгия Эдишеровича Введенского (1954-2021) – начальника военно-исторического отдела Государственного музея-заповедника “Царское Село”. Ему было шестьдесят шесть лет. Георгий Эдишерович – музейщик и ученый, фанатично преданный своему делу и сфере научных интересов, человек пылкого темперамента. Он очень многое успел: диссертация на тему “Русский военный мундир”, порядка десяти книг, множество статей … Read more
  • Studio of war artists