Aleksanjan, Gaik

The Aleksanyan brand was created in 2002 on the basis of the jewelry company “Jewelry House Aristocrat”, which was established in 1991 in Armenia. The brand is engaged in the production of exclusive premium and luxury class jewelry. In a short time, it managed to achieve respect and recognition from the entire jewelry world of Russia. In 2007, the Aleksanyan brand was honored to produce the Panagia and the Cross for the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II. It has taken an active part in international exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The brand’s products have many times been awarded with diplomas and certificates from professional juries from the world of luxury and art, gained popularity, personifying luxury, solidity, refined sophistication. Aleksanyan creates extraordinary designs, vibrant, lively collections. Each collection of the brand first has a unique story that is embodied in jewelry made of gold and precious stones. The founder of the brand, Hayk Aleksanyan, puts deep philosophical thoughts into the design and chooses the best materials and the best craftsmen for making jewelry. The main goal of the brand is to strive to create unique jewelry, works of art.